Looking for advice: Migrating to US or Europe

  • I currently reside in the UAE (read: Dubai) and even though this is a developing region, it is no place for people with a sincere passion for Software development.

    I am Computer Science undergrad, with around a year of formal work
    experience. Not to brag, but I have an impressive resume in terms of
    Academic achievement(s) as well as various projects I've worked on. For
    example, my work has been patented and one of my former projects also
    got good media attention.

    Unfortunately every worthwhile company I've contacted (in the US and Europe)
    prefers to get local talent. I dont blame them because the companies I
    apply too are relatively small, and with very high standard of quality.

    To summarise... I am looking for companies where there is proper and disciplined Software development taking place. At the same time, they should be willing to sponsor me. I have no doubt that given the oppurtunity, I can prove myself.
    So... any suggestions how I can go about this?

    PS: Where are the Silicon Valley(s) of Europe located?  

  • I am looking for companies where there is proper and
    disciplined Software development taking place

    I might be pursuaded to believe in the possibilities of UFOs or Bigfoot but this creature you cite is clearly a mythical legend that never has and never will exist.

    As for sponsorship I guess you mean (in the US)  a [url=http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=c487d92e8003f010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCRD&vgnextchannel=2411c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD]an H-1B visa[/url] which is not migrating it is specifically a nonimmigrant temporary work visa.


  • @medialint said:


    Cue TunnelRat!

  •  Since you are an undergrad, have you considered going to grad school abroad? I think that's the easiest way to get into another country and also receive work authorization. The US colleges are going to be expensive without a scholarship, Germany not so much. It's not free anymore, but the semester fees are quite low. If you can find a University that has easy access to the industry you can many times do an "external" master thesis in cooperation with some company. At my University we have Daimler-Chrysler research, Nokia, Siemens, Infineon and a bunch of other companies settled right around the campus.

     You should be able to work while you complete your degree and that should make it so much easier to interview and get hired while you're already in the country. I don't know much about the requirements for work authorization in Germany (as I'm a citizen here) and the European Union, but as far as I know it should be much easier to get work authorization here than in the US. I don't think you can transition from a student (J1?) visa to a green card, so you'd have to find an employer who will file for a H1-b visa for you (as mentioned before.) This is anything but ideal, as it only allows you to work with the employer that applied for the visa.

  •  Hi,

    Did you try the big consulting companies like Accenture and alike? They usually don't give a damn about where you are coming from as long as you do the job. A potential problem (in europe) could be mastering the local language.

    As another response pointed it, going to a grad scholl could be an option to get a visa and would let you see if you could adapt to the local culture of the place before you emigrate.

    In Norway, where I am living there is a big need for qualified people, speaking the language is not necessary a must. look at Opera for example they often have opennings and a very international staff... Average temparature might be a bit lower than in Dubai 🙂

    education is inexpansive in Norway (but living is). 

    Good luck in your quest. 


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