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  • RE: The Official Funny Stuff Thread™

    @coldandtired said in The Official Funny Stuff Thread™:

    I'm surrounded by locals complaining that it's only 28 degrees and when will summer start?

    Lucky bastard. I recently decided "Fuck the environment" and bought an AC. Best. Decision. Ever.

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  • RE: The Official Status Thread

    @heterodox said in The Official Status Thread:

    Opened the tar file in 7-Zip on another computer and it sees the same stated size (wondered if there was an edge case to deal with). But 7-Zip extracts it just fine, nonetheless.

    7 zip is open source, so in theory you could look at their code to see how they deal with it...

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  • RE: My shirt

    @Benjamin-Hall said in My shirt:

    just the fake ones for cosmetic effect

    I have a serious hatred for clothes that look like they have a feature but don't. A button that doesn't fasten anything has no business being there.

    My wife has a handbag that looks like it's sealed by buckles but they're actually buckles over magnetic clasps. I discovered this while trying to get into the bag and accidentally pulling the clasp off while trying to undo the buckle. It's stupid and pointless. My wife doesn't understand, even when I use the tried and tested car analogy that you'd be pissed off if you tried to open a car door before realising it was just a flush piece of metal with grooves to make it look like a door, and a handle that serves no purpose.

    She's given up arguing with me and just buys my clothes for me, which is fantastic because it means I don't have to go near clothes shops, think about all that fashion bullshit, or try things on in changing rooms

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  • RE: Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too

    @boomzilla said in Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too:

    Of course, I have a helper method that checks for either of those conditions

    .net has one built in. String.IsNullOrEmpty()

    @boomzilla said in Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too:

    because in my system they're synonymous.

    So you are acknowledging the possibility of a system where they're not? And presumably you realise that an Oracle backend on such a system would mean having to work around the fact that it doesn't acknowledge that possibility

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  • RE: Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too

    @boomzilla said in Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too:

    You still haven't explained how a user tells you the difference between "skipped a field" (maybe accidentally, like their browser autocompleted most but not all fields) and "this thing should be blank."

    I haven't said that's an issue, so I'm not sure why you'd want me to explain it.

    And why are you focusing on things people fill out in forms? There are other ways of getting data into databases.

    Do you also think that any string object in C#/Java that's set to "" should immediately be changed to null?

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  • RE: Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too

    @boomzilla a field the user leaves blank is '', A field they never had the option to full in is NULL.

    Say I have a system that manages foos. After a while, we add a textual bar field to the foo object. Since no pre existing foos had any bar data, the field is pre filled with NULL. They may have bar data but it's unknown since the question was never asked.

    Later, more foos have been added to the system. Many have a value in bar, but for some there is no bar, so that field was left blank when filling them in, so their bar value is ''. If I want to compare two foos and see if their bar values are the same or not, there is a difference between "this foo has a bar value of ''" and "this foo never had its bar filled in".

    Later still, I want to make sure that every foo has an up to date bar value, so I send an email to everyone who maintains a foo with a bar value of NULL, warning them that they should update their foo as they haven't set a bar value. I can avoid sending this to people who have explicitly set their bar to '', because I'm searching for bar IS NULL, not bar = ''

    There are ways around this in Oracle, and any well designed system where it was likely for this sort of thing to come up would have been set up so the maintainers don't necessarily see it, but it would be more work having to emulate a distinction that Oracle simply doesn't have, hence blub

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  • RE: Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too

    @boomzilla said in Please create a I Hate Microsoft Club too:

    But I don't see it as that big a deal, either, in practice

    Blub blub blub

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  • RE: Anybody got experience with Aspose Words?

    Almost managed it by adding the WordML boilerplate around the outside to make it a full document, then reading that as a new document and inserting the nodes. Except the lists are still screwed and don't seem to match the spec.

    New plan is to update the database where the WordML is stored to make it HTML and just import it straight in

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