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    then surely the fastest would be a computer with only one instruction, right?

    What about a computer with no instructions?

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    a processor with only one instruction, but the instruction is "read the byte at the specified memory position and do whatever it would do if this were an x86 processor"

    It'd need 15 modes to accommodate that, after adding a bunch of prefices like "REX.L REX.W lock xacquire" an instruction can be up to 15 bytes long.

  • I should probably mention that there was another, even crazier thread he started in which he posted what he called a 'tutorial' on writing an operating system.

    About half the original post was a screed about the evils of x86 and ARM, and how he knew more than everyone else in the forum, and the other half basically being 'how to copy Dawn OS". To say it was not received well would be an understatement.

    The thread eventually get burned, but I did save some of the parts of it I had had a hand in, as well as from a related joke post I had made in the AD section. I posted these sections to my own subfolder in the wiki, with the intention of using the cogent parts for something or other which I now have forgotten about.

    Most of this is actually my replies to Geri, but some of his glorious prose is in them as well. Feel free to spork me along with Geri and anyone else over these.

    Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine can't seem to find the original, though I may be mistaken. I will try to collect some more choice Geri-isms RSN.

  • Geri Sez:

    In extern "C" block:

    in short: extern c will keep function and symbol names in compatible ways by the compiler, so if you make a library then it will stay usable widely,

    In Simple Random Number Generator:

    Geri: in the Dawn operating system, i **** the time, shuffle it with previous results, add pixels from screen, and mouse position.
    Dozniak: I'm quite curious as to what you do to the time to offend the profanity filter.

    In Smaller C:

    yes, i only need to emulate the subleq instruction set, paint the screen, and manage io.
    however, the subleq emulator algo also runs terrible, only half million instruction per second or less (code compiled with gcc does 200-400 million per second)

    but i did additional tests. with inline assembly in smallerc unreal mode, i get beethwen 1-1.5 gbyte/sec memory write and overally really nice performance. so i just will rewrite the subleq instruction emulation to inline assembly, and that magically will fix the most important performance problems. not all problems, becouse the rest of the code will stay in c, that will add 10-20 seconds to the boot process.

    In Has anyone here tried to use their OS as their primary OS?:

    hardware accelerated graphics drivers are not necessary any more, the cpus are very fast
    cpus are very fast, for example the previous debian version used software opengl rasterizer with amd cards as default, i had 1360x768 screen, i had amd athlon2 x4 635 cpu @ 3,1 ghz, it was even fluid when 3d kde display effects was enabled, even if i watched hd videos, everything was perfectly fluid, it not even utilized more than 1 core generally.

    now debian switched back to hardware 3d with radeons, the display is now actually SLOWER.

    a modern i7 should be capable of rendering a HD desktop with just one core even when you do bilinear filtering and alphamapped display elements and effects, it should stay far above 25 fps in all cases, unless you pack out tons of windows. actually even an 1,6 ghz atom should stay usable.

    In Do you need a full working gui, programs and compiler in it?:

    I seen a lot of people who put a good working bootable kernel together that was able to input from keyboard and mouse, give out sound, or to raw access disks - and these people later sadly had to stop with developments, becouse they stuck at creating the gui.

    putting a gui together is a very hard and pretty much a different type of work than doing the kernel.
    it needs a totally different mind-set than googling x86/arm behaviors to have something to be accessed, it needs a different kind of work that most people cant afford to learn just for a kernel project.

    but i have a solution for you: You can use Dawn operating system as a GUI! Lets combine our forces, and create something great!

    Translation: If yo want to make your own OS... help me make my OS? 😵

    In OS Secruity (sic - mind you, it was the OP who tyop'ed that, not Geri):

    maybe this sounds pessimistic, but i dont think this area is having a future. there is basically 2 kind of data:

    1. your public data, its free to be accessed by anyone. this means your pictures of your summer vacation, your public pictures of your family. you have it uploaded to public, or semi-public places like social networking sites, cloud shares, on your cell phones, etc

    2. your private data. you protect this, you carry it with yourself, if you upload it, you are uploading it with encryption. this includes your works, your contracts, your personal documents, your source codes, your private photos, list of your business contacts, money transactions, private and health documents, business secrets, emails.

    most of people dont have the second, they are perfectly fine with sharing they online life, however, that kind of person is not contect creator, its strictly a content consumer. content creators need having both the two points.

    the question is, can this notably evolve into something else? there can be better tools to encrypt and upload data to virtual online drives easyer than the current ones, there can be better wireless devices with better software sets giving great data share access possibilities for the users. maybe there will be better file sharing protocols in the future. maybe the whole networking will be replaced one time.

    but there is prety much just this two great category of data handling, and if we think on internet, and cloud integration into an OS, the industry alreday invented all, and the facebook-type exhibicionism became the primary type of user data handling behavior.

    i dont think these areas will change in any forms, becouse it did changed in the last 3-10 years INTO this direction, and the evolution of this data handling is seems to be finished, both on business and both on social levels. encrypted file system drivers are also finished (veracrypt, tcnext). there is nothing left to invent, just to make better integration and compatibility with the existing conceptions.


    File sharing rant

    Clearly, we need to introduce Geri to Swampy. Port SSDS to Dawn OS and you're golden!

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    -Imagine a world where being an IT professional means fake-expertising a $30000 hardware with clicking in a specific software basically as a teached operator, with a 0.001% efficiency rate teached by fake professionals payed by corporations through bribed public servants - from your tax.

    ... I honestly tried to figure out what that sentence meant. I did put in a good-faith effort. But I think my brain ran away. Send help.

    If single instruction is faster... parse the sentence means with one brain cell... much more efficientific and bigly.

    I mean... it's obvious that its how that sentence was written. That's how you have to decipher it.

  • area_can

    @wernercd said in Geri the SubLEq Guy:

    If single instruction is faster... parse the sentence means with one brain cell... much more efficientific and bigly.

    Why waste time? Say lot word when few word do trick:

    Kevin's Small Talk - The Office US – 02:33
    — The Office US

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    File sharing rant

    Clearly, we need to introduce Geri to Swampy. Port SSDS to Dawn OS and you're golden!

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    If you are going to try to hook @SpectateSwamp up on a blind date, you really ought to summon him to the thread.

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