Re: The Off By One Thread - Book Edition

  • The Cunt of Monte Cristo
    Hairy Potter
    The subtle art of not giving a duck
    Legend of the Balls
    Of Rice and Men
    Green Eggs and Spam
    A brief history of mime
    Wuthering Weights

    I cheated...none of those are mine.

    Some of mine (decided to go with a parenting book theme):
    The Happiest Baby on the Black
    Experimenting with Rabies
    Gentile Discipline

  • The Stank

  • @hungrier Since it's Stephen King's birthday, I'll continue

    The Gumslinger
    The Drawing of the Tree
    The Paste Lands
    Wizard and Grass
    Wolves of the Balla
    Bong of Susannah
    The Dark Toner

  • Hitchhiker's GUID to the Galaxy
    Restaurant at the Bend of the Universe
    The Bingworld Engineers
    The Panda's Thump
    Broca's Bran
    The Tsar Thrower
    Jonathan Livingston Smeagol (OK, not off-by-one, but...)
    The Lives of a Hell
    A Mite in God's Eye
    When We Were Sax
    Goodnight, Poon
    The Little Rinse (off-by-two)
    Wonderful, Lite (and yes, I know that the title itself is a ref, you can fuck yourself with a model of an A. canadensis for all I care about that)
    The Joy Fuck Club (OK, that one was just low-hanging fruit)
    Can, Did
    The Art of the Seal
    The Papal Voh
    The Wealth of Rations
    Mein Kamp (I can see this as a title for John Waters' autobiography, actually, though he probably would spell it 'camp' - OTOH, given his love of outrage, maybe not...)
    A Clockwork Orang (a DIY guide to constructing pongoid robots)
    Malice in Wonderland (that was a gimme, too)
    Peter Pain
    The Pleasure of Binding Things Out

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  • The Audacity of Hops (real book title, BTW)

  • Notification Spam Recipient

    @hungrier said in Re: The Off By One Thread - Book Edition:

    @hungrier Since it's Stephen King's birthday, I'll continue

    The Gumslinger
    The Drawing of the Tree
    The Paste Lands
    Wizard and Grass
    Wolves of the Balla
    Bong of Susannah
    The Dark Toner

    The Wine through the Keyhole

    The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Bork
    The Dark Tower: The Long Road Hole
    The Dork Tower: Treachery
    The Dark Power: Sorcerer
    The Dark Tower: The Mall of Gilead
    The Dark Tower: The Tattle of Jericho Hill

  • Mistborn: the Final Umpire
    Dead Boat
    Spin Game
    Furries of Calderon, and all the rest of that series, up to High Lord's Furry
    Darwin's Witch (Science of Dishworld II)
    (Guess what Carrie's favourite genre is...)

    The Once and Future Kong
    Java 8 Inaction
    (Current reading material)

  • Nostrilia (Of course, most people won't recognize the book I am talking about)

  • A Wrinkle in Tim.

  • The Empire of the Bun
    Catch 23
    The Hard Boys
    War and Peach
    Far From the Modding Crowd

  • Impossible Mission - B

    I met Jim Butcher at Comic-Con over the weekend, so:

    Foul Moon
    Brave Peril
    Sumner Knight
    Death Musks
    Blood Rates
    Dead Beet
    Proven Guilty
    While Night
    Small Flavor
    Torn Coat
    Ghost Store
    Cold Dais
    Ski Game


    Smell Problems
    Place Talks

  • White Mold Wielder
    The Tow Towers
    Fellowship of the Ming
    Foundation's Ledge
    Return of the Kong
    Romance of the Tree Kingdoms
    Bromance of the Three Kingdoms (actually, that's kinda what it really is anyway)
    The Grate Mirror
    The Great Mirror of Mail Love
    The Wood Earth
    The Rad Earth
    All Men Are Bothers (an English translation of The Waiter Margin)
    Grate Expectations (cribbed ruthlessly from Monty Python)
    Beard on Broad (I wonder if there are any bakers here who will recognize this one)
    The Comp Leet Angler
    The Compleat Analer
    Ride and Prejudice (a possible biography of the first lesbian in space? Even just being the first American woman in space, she did catch a lot of flak, long before most people heard about her sexual orientation - that wasn't really made public until after her death.)
    The Rise and Fall of the Third Rich
    The Decline and Fail of the Roman Empire

  • Walership Down
    The Prague Dogs
    The Bin War (Trilogy)
    High Snore!
    Understanding Colics
    Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Lame Design
    The Hero with a Thousand Feces

  • Snot Crash

  • @masonwheeler Don't forget:
    Sid Jobs
    Welcome to the Jingle

    Future titles:
    Hell's Belles
    Stars and Stoners
    Empty Knight

    I don't got anything for Proven Guilty either, though.

  • Turn Coit

    How about some Banks?

    Ex Session (court-ordered time spent with one's former spouse)
    Flayer of Games
    Player of Lames
    SUSE of Weapons
    Ruse of Weapons
    Surface Retail
    State of the Arm
    off-by-two: The Hydrogen Santa
    also off-by-two: Look to Woodward (a retrospective on the Watergate scandal)
    off-by-quite-a-lot: Consider Phlegm

    Bill the Galactic Heron
    Best of Eden (Note: not off-by-two. This is the Harrison book, I'll get to Steinbeck in a moment)

    Strand on Zanzibar

    This Perfect Lay

    Eats of Eden (toldya I'd get to Steinbeck)
    Least of Eden
    Beast of Eden
    The Gapes of Wrath
    The Gropes of Wrath
    off-by-two: The Apes of Wrath
    Of Ice and Men
    Travels with Charrey
    off-by-three: Travels with Carlin

    The Naked and the Deed

    The Dharma Buns
    off-by-two: The Drama Bums
    The Naked Launch
    off-by-two: Nova Excess

    The Drying of Lot 49

    A World Out of Tims
    A World Out of Dime
    off-by-two: A World Out of Tune
    Neutron Scar

  • The Flamingo's Mile
    Sully for Brontosaurus (I'm not sure why he'd be running for that office, or even what that office entails, but whatever. Vote Sullenberger!)

    A Lass, Babylon

    The Reaming City
    Sailor on the Seas of Fat
    The Wired of the White Wolf
    Count Bras
    The Oak and the Pram
    The End of All Tongs
    The Engrish Assassin
    The Entropy Mango
    A Cute for Cancer

  • P.S., Your Cat is Dad

    The Lady is Not For Turning

    off-by-two: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Fed

    Huckleberry Fink
    The Adventures of Tom's Lawyer

    Pilgrim's Pro-Grass
    Pilgrim's PROGRES

    The Rave (OK, so that's a poem, not a book per se)

    The Mall of Cthulhu (Rl'yeh gets some much needed urban redevelopment)

    The Red Madge of Courage

    The Sound and the Furry (wait, I am pretty sure that's been done already...)
    A Long Day's Journey into Bight (a sailing travelogue)
    off-by-two: A Long Date's Journey Into Night

    The Bun Also Rises
    A Farewell to Aims (a self-help book on letting go of poorly-considered plans)

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    @masonwheeler Proven Guiley maybe?

  • Impossible Mission - B

    @yamikuronue is that a real word? 😕

  • The Soun Also Rises (Mr. Tendo finds love again)

  • The Bhagavad Vita (a post-apocalyptic society that worships the hand-held gaming devices left behind by their ancestors)
    Of Mace and Men
    Of Mike and Men ("Honey, I swear it's not what it looks like! I was just helping him adjust his underwear... with my mouth...")
    Rodeo and Juliet
    A Midsummer Night's Dram (just having a nightcap before going to bed, honest...)
    off-by-two: Howell ("Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...")
    Wheezie Bat
    Generation Ax
    off-by-two: Catcher in the Y
    off-by-two: Kutcher in the Rye
    The Closing of the American Hind

  • The Wizard of Ox
    off-by-two: 120 Days of Soda
    The Cum of All Fears
    The Art of Wear
    The Prance
    of-by-two: Where Have All the Woolly Mammouds Gone? and it's revision (also off-by-two), Second Coming of the Woody Mammoths (Wow, I am really getting obscure there)

  • Dung

    "The shit must flow"

    "I will release my feces, let them pass through me"

  • Impossible Mission - B

    @scholrlea said in Re: The Off By One Thread - Book Edition:

    Rodeo and Juliet

    Garth Brooks actually did a song by that name.

  • @scholrlea said in Re: The Off By One Thread - Book Edition:

    Nostrilia (Of course, most people won't recognize the book I am talking about)

    Cordwainer Smith fan? Not that I have read the book, but I've read references to it.

    Hmm, coming late to this thread, lots of good ones already taken. What shall I go for? Well, I'm reading through my Heinleins at the moment, let's see...

    Farter in the Sky (leading off with a fart joke like the classy person I am)
    Farmer in the Ski
    Podkayne of Bars (or Cars, or Mass, or Mats, or...)
    The Puppet Basters
    The Puppet Tasters
    Time for the Stats
    Time for the Stares
    Tile Enough for Love (off by two, the much more interesting Time Enough for Lava)
    The Man Who Sold the Poon (or the Moan, or the Morn, or the Mood)
    The Door Into Sumer (it took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with this one)
    The Dior Into Summer (apparently some sort of fashion guide)

    Lamish but the best I could do:
    The Words of Robert Heinlein
    The Beast of Robert Heinlein
    Starship Tropers

    Off by two:
    The Door Into Slumber which, actually, is a halfway decent fit
    Beyond This Chorizo

    No real scope to be funny: Waldo & Magic Inc., Methuselah's Children

  • Robert Heinlein

    That reminds me:
    Strangler in a Strange Land

  • @hungrier and, I suppose, The Moon is a Marsh Mistress

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