Any Dvorak users here?

  •  Just curious. I've been working on the transition and so far I average around 15 - 20 words per minute with a pretty high error rate, though I've improved fairly quickly.

  • Yes at home, but at work I use Qwerty (easier to switch machines or let others use your keyboard that way).

  •  Windows key + Space switches your keyboard layout, at least on Windows 7 and 8.

  • If you have the different keyboard layouts set up it does so, which would only let me switch my machine to qwerty for someone else who needs to use my keyboard for a sec but not switch another machine to dvorak so I can use it.  Instead I did the different layouts in different settings which keeps me from getting them accidentally confused (except when I work from home).

     EDIT: it can also depend on what kind of keyboard, as you can get a qwerty to register as dvorak (machine translating keystrokes) or you can get an actual dvorak keyboard that says which key was hit correctly (no translating).

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  • I did that back in high school. I used it for about a year or so, but then I got a job where I had to use other people's keyboards and kind of left it behind.

  • I've made the switch full-time now. My error rate is still pretty high (probably one out of three keystrokes is wrong) and I spend half my time making corrections. I got frustrated while typing a post on another forum so I switched back to qwerty to finish...and couldn't type on a standard layout anymore. My normal 100 - 115 wpm is now completely inaccessible to me! Yay!

  • I find I can type faster on my phone with Dvorak than I can with QWERTY. Have tried Dvorak on normal keyboards a few times, but can't seem to stick to it and get frustrated and switch back to QWERTY.

  • I listen to his New World Symphony every now and then... it's pretty good.

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