Recommendation for cc processing (?)

  • Surely I will be abused for asking this unequivocally gay question, but has anyone used a merchant service that wasn't a WTF?

    I have to build an ecommerce site (ugh, I feel dirty typing that). I can bang out the product management and the shopping cart without any problem, but when its time to hand off the (encrypted) cc numbers, what company won't make me feel like i've been kicked in the groin? I just need a decent API to say "here's the customer's info" and get back the approved/not-approved info. I understand I'm oversimplifying here, I don't want to bore everyone with the complete details of the checkout process.


  • The systems I've built have all used They've got a fairly simple web-based interface to the system. You build a POST in the background with the CC and order details, they return a long string (essentially .csv data) with the status codes and verification info. Pretty simple.

    The only drawback is supporting a bajillion different merchant banks, so their list of possible error codes takes up a huge chunk of the docs, even though only 20 or 30 might apply to you and the merchant bank you've got your account with. Takes a while to wade through it all and figure out which codes your app needs to be aware of and which ones you can ignore.

    They'll even let you specify the amount of validation done on your payment request. You can go utter barebones and supply just the CC + expiry date + cardhold name if you so choose, on up to complete validation using cardholder's billing address and CVV2 checks. 

  •  Thank you - exactly what I needed. 

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