138 posts over 6 pages should have more per page.

  • Whole page of posts you don't see due to having specified to ignore the users in question, or being rated down, or something like that, I presume.

  • Actually no, Page 1 has 25 posts, 2 has 25, 3 has 25, 4 has >25, 5 has 0, 6 has the rest >0. Class is actually starting to get interesting, so I get more images to prove this later.

  • I've read a few more posts, so the count it less now but heres a few more images http://www.genoce.com/wtf/. I don't have any ignored users (didn't know you could do that) or have any filters.

  • Sorry about the triple post, but apparently there are 39 posts that I know about, haven't read and cannot read. I added two more images to the previous link, they are the last two.

  • I think the reason is that you have the filter "Not Read" being applied to the list.  The list should sort the one's you haven't read and display them to you together (on one page, with spillovers being on a next page if needed).  But instead I think it just shows the one's you haven't read on each page...which means on some pages if you've read them all and so the page is empty. 

  • I've seen this happen on other sites that stored the post count of a thread in the threads table instead of calculating post count from the posts table. Usually triggered after someone [url=http://forums.worsethanfailure.com/forums/thread/139332.aspx]spams[/url] the heck out of a thread resulting in the deleting of lots of posts. Someone knocks together a script to delete the spam posts but forgets to update the post count in the threads table.

    Perhaps a similar thing has happened here.

    edit: Err, disregard that, I caught the wrong end of the stick there I think.

  • @stinch

    That would most likely be the cause. If I change the time filter to "newer than 1 year" there are no posts to display at all.

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