Polarity of ground

  • I have a wireless headphone that broke; naturally I broke it some more so I can look in it and maybe remake it. I'm on the remaking part now, however before I do anything that could potentially short-circuit my headphones I want to confirm which polarity is ground: positive or negative? I need to know because stereo headphones have three pins, but I have four connections for the headphone speaks (two of each polarity one for each speaker). I suspect that it doesn't matter, but I'd rather not take the chance. If anyone wants pics just ask.

    For reference (stereo jack): http://pinouts.ru/connector/3_pin_stereo_plug_connector.shtml

  • @Lingerance said:

    which polarity is ground: positive or negative?

    Ground is not polarity - ground is ground 😉

    Normal practice is that the "ground" terminal for both left and right speakers are the same - which is exactly what is used in your plug. You cannot however be certain that this is the same "ground" as the chassis of your equipment. (depending on the quality of your equipment)

    I suggest you disassemble and find out how it is done before you make something new.

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