A game that wont get out of my head! Someone help me find it.

  • I was watching gameranx video on games we get lost in which reminded me of an old ps1 game! Here is what I remembered.

    1.) 4 Player Coop and 10 Player local brawl!
    2.) Enemies were robots, ninja's, police, military and demons!
    3.) Took place in a bar in a city, levels after were a subway and military installation.
    4.) MacGuffin is a girl who the main character likes, she gets kidnapped by ninjas or spec ops, bar fight and street fight happen.
    5.) The heroes fight a powerful woman demon on top of train
    6.) Heroes survive and flee only to be attacked by security forces

    1. Lastly is a HORRIBLE Stage where a maze was rising and we had to get out but it was HARD!

  • This sounds a lot like an old PS2 game called "The Bouncer".

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