NodeBB is worse than Steam chat!

  • area_deu


    I'm editing the third post from the bottom and decide to cancel doing so.

    How can I cancel editing?

    I belgiuming can't! There's no cancel button and Esc does nothing at all.

    You are forced to either submit that edit or close the chat.

  • @aliceif said:

    I belgiuming can't!

    :sadface: Belgium's back
    and :frowning2: isn't a dirty sanchez ... where is this going?

  • @aliceif damn you, I thought you wrote to me because you were being friendly, not because you needed testing material!

    Also, editing posts in chat is pretty :wtf: in itself. Is there anything that prevents you from editing that last post into "I'm gonna find some transsexuals and break their legs tomorrow", then posting a screenshot claiming I wished you to have fun doing that?

  • @aliceif the "x" in the top right corner?

  • area_deu

    @Matches said:

    @aliceif the "x" in the top right corner?

    That's closing the chat, and not an acceptable solution.

  • @aliceif you sure? I think it just cancels the current reply and edit. My chats didn't go away when I "x"ed @accalia

  • @aliceif said:

    NodeBB is worse than Steam chat!

    Depends. Are we able to change the font?

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