Azure databases

  • There is no easy way to get hold of a fucking bak of the database.

    I do some goolging and I find that I am supposed to use "Import data-tier applications".

    I add the relevant details and to my shock and awe it looks like it should work. But no I get an exception explains fucking nothing. Thankfully the solution might be on stack overflow.

    Classic Microsoft. Making things that should be easy difficult for reasons.

  • A comment on the SO page you linked to;

    There is some work to be done on making these "hotfixes" more available. I can't believe that I'm being e-mailed a link to download the hotfix like I'm some 18th century French peasant

    Awesome 😛 we should invite that person to join tdwtf!

  • @lucas said:

    There is no easy way to get hold of a fucking bak of the database.

    Even without any in dept knowledge Azure SQL this doesn't surprise me and it would surprise me other providers of similar services allow such deep access. It's kind of the hole point of running stuff in the cloud isn't it? You don't have to worry about low level stuff like keeping the server upright and powered but the trade off is that you don't have low level access.

  • I have to install the 2016 preview of SQL server and it worked.

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