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  • Sharing because why not. FINAL FANTASY GAMES ARE THE SUCK and kickstarters of remakes of Final Fantasy games are apparently mega-suck with cheese on top.

  • Grade A Premium Asshole

    Last night, I e-mailed Playdek’s Goodman to ask him two questions. For starters: why the sudden switch in focus to PvP? Weren’t players expecting a single-player story game?

    “The PvP focus is not a sudden switch, but more importantly to the backers, it does not impact the single player campaign mode as far as content and depth,” he wrote. “The best way to ensure that the campaigns have balanced scenarios with good A.I. is to gather play testing data from online players in head to head matches, and then polish the game with that feedback... Due to the lack of consistent updates the backers did not know that this has been our internal development approach, but the idea that online game play was going to be in the game was covered in the KS video, as well as subsequent updates. It is a bonus to the single player story experience.”

    Yes, because with the same budget and resources you can add on a PVP function that will not in any way take resources or budget from what was originally promised. It also will not take longer and delay the backers getting what they paid for.

    Did that asshole even think about what he was saying?

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