Video game developers are all "spotty nerds"

  • A haiku of ignorance:

    We need extra coders – dozens and dozens of them – but nobody is going to play a game designed by a spotty nerd. We need people with artistic flair.

    From the guy whose job is to promote British creative industries.

  • We need extra coe
    Ders Dozens and dozens of
    Them but nobody


    --body is going
    to play a game designed
    by a spotty nerd

    Perhaps it's just a limerick of ignorance?

    There was a DG from CBI
    Who made the games industry cry
    "Your games are like turds,
    And you're all spotty nerds
    And none of you like me, but why?"

    Or maybe Keith Stuart just isn't clear on what "haiku" means. It's a pretty big word, and rarely comes up in conversation.

  • The dead often grow spots of mold.

  • Immediate response, off the top of my head, so to speak, from a position of complete ignorance, based on the exact information, literally, presented here.

    I see no :WTF:

    @blakeyrat said:

    people with artistic flair


    @blakeyrat said:


  • @DCRoss said:

    Or maybe Keith Stuart just isn't clear on what "haiku" means.

    For such a short quotation, Cridland has masterfully crammed in so many layers of prejudice and misunderstanding that it is really rather impressive: it’s a haiku of ignorance.

  • What is a figure of speech, Alex?

    Now, for $200, "A traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of 3 lines. The first and last lines have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme."

  • The judges are prepared to accept "What is an orange?", "What is an aardvark?" or "What is a small, off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden?" as valid answers, since this is Lewis Carroll Appreciation Day here at the Grauniad.

  • Jesus, shut up.

  • I don't understand. One guy says that people don't want to play games designed by spotty nerds, another person gets outraged by that and goes on to show that none of today's popular games are designed by spotty nerds? Of all of the modern social justice movements, video gamers rights activists are the absolute worst.


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  • @Maciejasjmj said:

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    See what I mean? Don't you wish someone would have encouraged you to learn a second language, so that you could have been someone with artistic flair instead!

  • what you mean? i english real good, i good english speak. i lack idea what you talk about

  • What are you on about? English is a first language.

  • Psst - people, unlike spotty nerds, use one-based indexing.

  • Please consider this a cross-post in the spotty jokes thread:

    Why do we have to press '1' for English?
    Because '0' is for Operator.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @blakeyrat said:

    We need extra coders

    @blakeyrat said:
    dozens and dozens of them


  • Does spotty have a meaning in British English that it doesn't in American English? That seems to me an odd choice of adjective. On this side of the pond, it can mean "having spots (of color)," of course, or "inconsistent and unreliable" (e.g., spotty cell phone coverage); neither of these seem appropriate in this context.

  • @HardwareGeek said:

    Does spotty have a meaning in British English that it doesn't in American English?

    "Spotty" refers to someone whose face is literally spotty with pimples, acne, etc.

  • Ah. Over here I think we'd usually say straight-out pimply or pimple-faced, but it does make sense. Thanks.

  • Creative types....are these the guys who get offended if you ask them to FizzBuzz?

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Same attitude. Different group being denigrated. Why do some people seem to have problems realising that not trying to understand some group that you're talking about in passing in public can cause you to really insult them? And that this can really come back to bite? It's not like it's difficult to predict…

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