Deleting Is Awesome

  • Sadly, the dialog box went away too quickly to capture.

    I selected a folder on my external hard drive and hit Delete. After a few seconds of churning, Windows informed me it had deleted 6.93 Terabytes. Which is really awesome since it's a 2 TB drive that's less than half full.

    If any of you suddenly find that you have files missing, sorry about that.

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    Paging @Vault_Dweller, someone stole your avatar ...

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    The real question though...

    Can you undo the delete?

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    No worries. Royalties are only $50,000/month. AND, if you pay before the end of the month, you get a secret avatar for free!

  • The news article caught my eye and I thought of This Place, and in the list of Suggested Topics was this thread. So I thought it worth the Necro:

  • Something weird is going on there. .bzvol doesn’t get sorted before .DS_Store (a file that you can expect to find in the root of any OS X volume) by most Unix-based programs, since they tend to treat filenames as case-sensitive. Since Adobe loves to roll its own, you’d kind of expect the installer to talk to the BSD subsystem directly instead of going through the normal OS X channels, but it looks like it does do just that after all. And in any case, why is it asking for a directory listing that includes hidden files?

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Perhaps it deleted all the .DS_Store files the first time it ran and is working on deleting the next 'first' file on subsequent iterations.

  • If that’s what happened there would have been a much greater outcry than just from the users of a fairly obscure backup program, because it would also have deleted some or all of the following for many users:


    And most of them are directories with useful stuff in them, like documents being worked on in various applications and the system’s search database :)

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