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  • Hi guys.  I am thinking about applying for a job where I would be working from home as a contract employee.  Sounds really cool but where does one go to verify the authenticity of a company?  I looked on google and better business bureau but have not found much about the company.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Your primary concern should be money -- will you get paid for your service?

    Work out a reasonable arrangement that minimizes risk on your end and their end -- this could be a retainer (I've charged those before), Net-5 Terms (payment due within 5 days of invoice), or find a way to hold off on delivery until first payment is made.


  • If you look for a job as a contract employee I guess you have to send out your applications as usual mentioning your desire to work from home. Or simply write emails to several companies inquiring about that. Do you have a job offer by a specific company in mind and you are unsure weather its real or not?

    Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt seeing them in person at least once unless of course it is out of reach. Some fishy "job offers" can often be recognized by websites or other sources that praise the opportunities but do not actual explain what a company does and such... Also if they avoid answering the questions you might have is suspicious behaviour; basically the typical methods that are applied by sects when trying to acquire new (paying) believers. As a rule of the thumb look at the website through the eyes of a customer and not a job seeker. Do you find the service/product information you (as a customer) need? Do they state what they do or sell in specific? If not they obviously focus purely on potential "employees" which no company would do. Write emails or call them regarding your interest in job offers and if they write back promising you the dream job and/or telling you BS like "you are exactely the type of person we need" even without knowing you, you will know its fake. Usually there are a lot of signs that tell you something is fishy. I yet have to see a sophisticated approach aiming at tricking me into something.

    You say you couldnt find much about that company. Do you mind posting its name or the URL of its website? If you are unable to find even a website chances are they are phishing for victims. You may also want to try googling for example "scam <company name>" and such. Fraudulent "companies" that have been around for a few weeks might already be mentioned by websites that warn about scams and frauds.



  • Check out hoovers.com and see if you can find anything about them. This is where I do most of my initial research on companies.

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