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  • Looks like a new MS undefined landed on my desktop

    • Seriously ... as if your branding wasn't confusing already ... you had to change Lync to Skype for Business ... But that is old news ...

    • Then when you update you remove all icons on desktop/taskbar/start menu to lync making people calling IT why their lync icon is gone, making even IT guys like me who where expecting this thing to land today wondering.

    • So you rumble through the start menu and start that shit and gives you this:

      Have a wild guess wtf you are supposed to be doing with this ... so it is a tutorial or something?
      Click it to move on? Nope. undefined
      Ah ... my mouse pointer changes when I hoover over the text ...

      So I am supposed to do what? Check my DB? Is it going to shuffle my Stack? What does that pointer mean?
      ooo ... you're supposed to click and drag ... wot? when did my desktop pc become a Belgium-ing touch screen? undefined MS are you thinking ... I haven't even seen your new app and usability for Business users not on a touch screen is already gone out the window. Business users MS ... people who work on a Windows pc with Excel and Word. Remember those?

    • So you have a tutorial thingy that shows some images with blurbs about how cool this is ... except all mentioned features where already there since Office Communicator. And it needs a black screen transition. No idea why ... when I 'swype' with my mouse to go to the next page I literally pull in a black page. Then the image and text appear.

    • Edit: You couldn't even make the text appear correctly in the intro page of your tutorial? That should read '7 veelgevraagde tips'. Those should be the letter 'g'. (Thanks to @loopback0)

    • Hey looksy ... more white space and round avatars! Have a sample from GIS:

    • Why? Why round images? There are no round user images in Outlook, SharePoint, not even in freaking Yammer, I even checked freaking Yammer to be sure. Those things all used to resemble each other ...

    • Why is the status such damn small round thingy? That is one one the reasons I use the tool for ... and now it is harder then ever to guess if someone is available or not. Why are some available with a green check box and some with a blue arrow? Oh ... you can be busy with a blue arrow to ... undefined 😠 undefined

    • I still haven't found what that blue arrow is supposed to mean ...

    • All Office icons are rather similar ... except for SfB ... Even SharePoint and InfoPath Designer fit that row ...

    Bonus round: Discourse: why is there an extra white line before my edit? Why do you when I tab to complete a mention remove the line feed and list formatting from the next lines? Why??
    Also why do you fuck up the edit history? I only fixed a typo, added a line and the Discourse failings encountered. I didn't cut and paste my entire post while adding a line.

  • @Luhmann said:


    I think they put some extra letters in your word 🚎

  • area_deu

    It's "veelgevraagde" ...

    Filed under: Font rendering WTF

  • @aliceif said:

    It's "veelgevraagde" ...

    Oh, that's nice and clear. Fixed.


    I wonder what “veelqevraaqde” means. It’s not a word I’ve ever come across before …

    [b]Edit:[/b] got ninjad there.

    @Luhmann said:

    Why round images?

    Probably because it’s what OS X and iOS use.

    @Luhmann said:

    All Office icons are rather similar ... except for SfB

    The WTF is the first part of that statement: like Adobe stuff (coloured squares with “Ps”, “Id”, etc. in them, and for some reason “Ai” — probably what you’re going to say when trying to find the application you want), the Office icons are all too similar to each other to be recognisable at a glance. At least you can find the Skype icon right away in that line-up even if it wasn’t the first one.

  • I'm wondering how a "tip" can be "often asked for". Either it is an FAQ, or is it a Tip of the Day. Not both, that's just confusing.

  • The edit history on that post now - it's got practically the entire post as being removed and added. 😆

  • @Mikael_Svahnberg said:


    I'm guessing some idiot applied some reinvent the square wheel translation to Frequently Asked Questions or something.
    That is why translating in a software context is not easy. Before you know it you are reinventing square wheels again.

  • @loopback0 said:

    The edit history on that post now

    BUG: editing inside a list marks the entire list as being edited

  • Days Since Last DiscourseSkype Bug: -1

  • @Gurth said:

    Probably because it’s what OS X and iOS use.

    We are talking about MS here ... the guys who brought us the opposite of round:

  • SockDev

    Eh, Austin got there first with the Allegro's steering wheel:

  • @RaceProUK said:

    steering wheel:

    Your argument is INVALID your steering wheel is on the wrong side.

  • SockDev


  • Translation: things are different than they were before, so I'm going to bitch for awhile.

  • Heh...I got an email from corporate about this. As I use Pidgin (though I've never used the voice part) to connect, I mostly ignored the email.

  • @blakeyrat said:

    Translation: things are different than they were before, so I'm going to bitch for awhile.

    I didn't know you could read Dutch.

  • Hilarious.

    The only bullet-point there that might be a bug is the one about making square avatars round, but when I said that was a bug in Discourse, you ass-rammers all piled-on it and said no it's not, so.

    It's all just bitching.

  • @blakeyrat said:

    The only bullet-point there that might be a bug

    So what? That something is a bug or not is orthogonal to it being a WTF.

    @blakeyrat said:

    It's all just bitching.

    Um, yeah. Are you suddenly against that or something?

  • @boomzilla said:

    Um, yeah. Are you suddenly against that or something?

    If the source of the bitching is: "it's different, so now I hate it!" then yes. I've always been against that.

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