Stop spamming my browser history setting

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    I spent a few hours today extending our extensibility story to support this:

    You can read about it here:

    This work was important for me for a few reasons:

    1. It solves a problem for some members of this community
    2. It paves the way for other plugins that want to add user settings, perhaps one day @ben_lubar can make a TDWTF user settings plugin 🙂
    3. It keeps @codinghorror happy cause it is not shipped with core
    4. It allowed me to practice our plugin authoring experience and take a few lessons about how to improve it.

    Feel free to submit PRs to improve (perhaps an extra setting to do an extra replaceState prior to navigating away)

    I personally have this enabled here, cause I feel that scrolling through topics is a tiny bit faster. (chrome is doing some extra work with replaceState and I really hate the flickering favicon)

    Anyway, hope you don't hate it.

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    Reasons 2 and 4 are excellent ones. Dogfooding requires that you eat the whole contents of the bowl, and not just the meaty chunks.

  • Nice try, but doesn't seem to be working for me.

    [edit] And now, having gone and looked at my preferences again to double-check if I had managed to set the setting, it is working. What the fucking fuck?

  • It didn't take effect till I closed the browser tab/opened a new Discourse session.

  • I've been using this setting for a few days now and haven't had any noticeable usability degradation. I think it's a good solution for the history spamming problem.

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    As I see it you still track internally where I am on the website so I am going to notice that disabling History-Spam (in combination with Infinite-Scrolling) breaks the behaviour of the Refresh (F5)

    This is a problem on most infinite-scrolling systems but I thought I might as well compose this message.

    Bug: Refreshing sets you back to the post you entered the topic through
    Expected Behaviour: For a while now browsers were able to keep your position on a website without spamming your history. Refreshing the topic should at least put me close to where I was reading.
    Actual Behaviour: Pressing F5 halfway through reading a >100 Post topic breaks my flow of reading and is a barrier or something
    Misc: Tested on Firefox 30.0 on Windows 8.1

    Filed under: I know I could just turn history spamming back on... but seriously? | If this was already filed under a different topic I apologize | Actually, I don't!

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    I was thinking of replacing state just before navigating away, but it will automatically double history entries

  • Two entries per topic would be acceptable, better than one entry per post.

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