Netflix caught using "Pirated" subtitles in Finland

  • @Someone who may or may not be Finnish said:

    The fansub community “DivX Finland” has been translating subtitles for foreign TV-shows and movies since 2003.
    Their fansubs have been downloaded 26 million times over the years and are generally used with pirated TV-shows and movies. This week Netflix debuted its movie streaming service in Finland, but not without making a rather embarrassing ‘mistake’.

    Instead of displaying official Finnish subtitles, Netflix was caught using DivX Finland’s fansubs on the science fiction series Andromeda. It’s possible that Netflix made this same ‘error’ for other TV-shows and movies as well.

    Apparently Netflix got "caught" because the subtitles contain references to the pirate website:

    In Netflix's defense, they probably tried using Google Translate first.  The Google Translate version of this Finnish report of the Netflix story contains such entertaining phrases as  "Online TV giant Netflix was closed captions unauthorized use of his pants down".

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