Web site down

  • Have a look at the right edge of the header


    "Website down: call <phone number>"

    Can we have a poll on the number of Internet users who actually
    diligently jot down phone support details on paper, so that if the web
    site does go unavailable, they have the piece of paper to save the day?

  • I think you need to practice more on your english... [:P]

    From the same site: "Income now offers faster and easier access to key information on our website through Big Trumpet accounts. With a Big Trumpet account, you can customise your very own personal home page. That way, you can view the information you want in a single page. In addition, it allows you access to the various personalized and innovative on-line services that we have made available."

    So, basically, they host your website for you. And if your website happens to be down, you can call them immediately to notify them to check the problem with your site. In general, a phonecall is still faster than an email to their support helpdesk.

    So, the phone number is for customers who notice problems with their site hosted by Big Trumpet...[8-|]

  • They are not a hosting provider. The home page they speak of is a customisable layout directly in the BigTrumpet web application.

    What I wanted to point is, if that web site/application is down,
    everybody's will be down, either unresponsive or spewing out the lovely
    ASP.NET exception page (has happened before), then who is able to see
    that notice? Unless users faithfully recorded that number before hand.
    Thus my suggestion for a poll.

    Relying on users to give you a phone call to notify you of problems is
    advertising that you don't implement a self-monitoring system.

  • Well, if your website is very important to you then you would want to write that number down somewhere. But I think that if their server goes down, they might have an option to still just show this page while all others are closed. Only when ASP.NET itself crashes I'd assume this page would be invisible too...

    Then again, that site relies on ASP.NET and all visitors of this forum know how unreliable ASP.NET can be sometimes... [;)]

  • Oh, no... You're saying this forum was written in VB.NET? Geez, that's
    real sick. Whomever came up with that idea needs a kick in the...

    Oh, well... Let's stop complaining about this forum. At least we have one, and it fits the other WTF topics quite nicely. [6]

  • Community Server :: Forums is built with C#.

  • Would have been nicer if the forum was built with Delphi 2005. That's my favorite language right now.

  • Delphi.NET? I hardly come across developers majoring in that. Wonder
    how Borland can market that to become a major language in the .NET

  • Actually, Delphi for .NET was the previous Delphi version. Delphi 2005
    offers both support for the .NET platform as the old Win32 platform.
    (And it also includes Borland C# Builder.) And this might make Borland
    a bigger player again in the development tools market. It is rumored
    that the next Delphi version will also include Borland C++ Builder so
    you'd have lots of choices to do your development.

    But for some funny reason Delphi 2005 is also able to compile VB.NET sources... Weird.

  • Often when I need to get to a site that is down I'll look at the google
    cache.  Maybe that's what they were going for when they put the
    phone number up.

  • @KoFFiE said:

     Katja wrote:
    Would have been nicer if the forum was built with Delphi 2005. That's my favorite language right now.<br>

    Hmm don't get that - I hate the pascal-syntax (Delphi's bascily borlands further development of pascal) with it's begin/end - can't jump to the beginning or end of a block with one keystroke, the illogical := assignment, and it might be easy for a beginner that "=" is a simple comparison between 2 variables/values, but when you get to know other languages that use = for assigning and == for comparing it gets irritated. Also you usually use assignments more often than comparing...

    Oh - btw, Borland is still a big player on the development market, only MS is bigger, but Borland still has a lot of customers.

  • Ok, i dunno why this keeps happening when my own forums (2.0.1 also) doesn't have this quote-reply-hiding formatting problem.

    What i typed previously:

    Maybe it is a regional thing. Here you hardly hear of strong Borland development anymore. There still are, but very rare.

  • This phone number thing is actually just about as useful as what 'Chello' (internet provider in the Netherlands, daughter of UPC) has on their automated phone service once you selected the option 'internet connection down'.

    'You can use our automated chello fix tool to fix most connection problems. it is available at www.chello.nl (their website)'


    My connection is DEAD. How could I ever download the tool to fix it? DUH.

    Luckily you get to speak to a semi-semi-semi-techlike person after 10 minutes who can then redirect you to the tech-department where they still don't know very much 😉


  • Betreft: Re: Web site down

    Actually, while I have a cable connection, I also have the option to
    use a free dial-up connection with some other ISP. Okay, free... I
    still have to pay for the phoneline, price of local calls. But still,
    if my cable-connection dies, I can still use my dial-up connection.

    This free dial-up is courtesy of the HCC in the Netherlands, with their
    HCCNet services. They also offer ADSL but Cable is just a lot faster
    and more reliable in my opinion.

    Still, I never wanted to get rid of this dial-up option because I also
    have a laptop. And I managed once to connect my laptop with my mobile
    phone to get a dial-up connection and spent my last 5 euro's on my
    prepaid card to send an immediate email to a friend of mine. 🙂 Okay,
    mobile phone... Dial-up speed of 9.600 baud so it wasn't quick. But it
    worked. Then started some webbrowsing, did a few other things for about
    half an hour and then the connection was disconnected. Out of credits
    on the prepaid card.

    Then again, when you're using Chello and you know about that test tool,
    who'se going to stop you to download it before your connection starts
    to have problems? Or use another kind of connection to view that Chello
    homepage and retrieve it that way. Never had any problems with my
    Chello connection, btw. Just pay your bills in time and you won't have
    any either. [:P]

  • @Katja said:

    It is rumored that the next Delphi version will also include Borland C++ Builder so you'd have lots of choices to do your development.

    Ah you mean like with Visual Studio?[;)]

    @Katja said:

     Delphi 2005 is also able to compile VB.NET sources... Weird.

    It's all included in the .NET SDK, so nothing more to do than check the file extension and choose the appropriate compiler. They keep it pretty well hidden though to prevent riots from Delphi minions...[;)]

    I just migrated a pretty big project to D2005 from D7... I must say I'm pretty disappointed, I don't think there's a way for Borland to keep up with MS development. It keeps crashing, giving errors, and is extremely slow, refactoring very limited, etc etc.

    Really, I think the only positive thing compared to VS.NET would be ECO II. C# is the language for .NET, the rest is only there for marketing purposes, there's not evenr real backwards compatibility.

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