Superannuation with "First State Super"? Beware.

  • When Patrick Webster told First State Super he found a flaw exposing the personal details of its 770,000 members - including NSW Police officers, politicians and magistrates - he thought he was doing a good deed.

    Guess what happened next. Did they

    1. to send a lifetime supply of beer to the person reporting the flaw
    2. sack the IT security staff
    3. set the lawyers/cops on the guy who informed them of the gaping hole in their "security".

    No prizes for getting the right answer.

  • NSW = New South Wales?

    I'm going to guess:
    4. Sheep "companionship"

  • @blakeyrat said:

    NSW = New South Wales?

    That's the first thing to come up with "australia nsw" in google and the site has an AU TLD so I'm assuming so.

  • From the article it sounds as if the company is mainly concerned about trying to make sure the guy isn't hanging onto copies of the other customers' data - which is fair enough; they have a duty of care to do that. It just seems like they've gone about it in a rather ham-fisted and counterproductive way (and disabling his account shouldn't have been necessary). I'd guess that nobody bothered to explain to the legal section that Webster wasn't necessarily a bad guy (or the legal section didn't bother to read that far down the email chain), and they just did the standard process.

  • @blakeyrat said:

    4. Sheep "companionship"

    Wrong country. NZ and AU are often confused by you people.

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