FuckedSuit.com Lawsuits

  • It's my funny site...teehehee!

  • Nice idea for a site.

    Now I'm generally not one for giving out about things like this, but there are a few problems with it...

    Layout looks pretty damn ugly, although not a problem with the cms as such, just whatever you did with it, it looks really ugly.

    Way toooo many ads: 29 ads per page is a little much, especially when you have such little amount of content per page. On the pages I've seen there were on average 60 words per article, thats about 2 words per ad? Now doesnt it really seem like a lotta ads now.

    And you really should drop those annoying looking feed links accross the top. Way to OTT.

    Basically all I can say is the sites far too bloated compared with the actual content, not easy to get around, and looks damn ugly.


    Damn I love the new CS 2.0 "Quick Reply", wich it was a bit quicker to load up tho.

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