With features like these, everyone should stay here!

  • So, here I am, looking for some accomodation in Adelaide, and I find this Marion Hotel. Lovely, looks nice, good price, and there's a review. I was deeply surprised to find that the unique feature of this hotel was OTATranslator.FormattedTextTextType. Not only that, I was shocked to find that it needed improvement.

    A very unique feature indeed...

    And you too can play along at home, all you have to do is click here, and click the reviews tab and you can see it too.

    But in all seriousness and honesty, does anyone happen to know what could have gone wrong here?

  •  An unimplemented ToString() method probably.

  • TRWTF is you want to go to Adelaide!


  • @Zemm said:

    TRWTF is you want to go to Adelaide!


    What's wrong with wanting to go to Adelaide? It's a perfectly OTATranslator.FormattedTextTextType place.

  • Probably a misconfigured binding combined with Object's ToString().

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