So I tried...

  •  I tried to take the derivative of:


    But the
    multiplication and chain rules started making it giant. I finished it,
    but then when I tried to multiply it all together, I realized: Finding
    (OPTIMUS)' just isn't worth it.

  • Chain rules? Are all those letters a function of x (or whatever variable you're taking the derivative of)? Of course, if they're not, then the answer is zero.

    If it was something like dy(x)/dx where y(x) = o(x)p(x)..., yeah, that could get hairy if those functions can't be composed. In that case, maybe start with a numerical solution and work backwards. But without definitions of those functions, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that there is a trivial solution lurking behind the corner using simple function composition.

    I think you just gave up without trying so you could make a lame pun.

  • It ended up being way simpler than I thought it would be. No chain rule, just nested multiplication rules. Here's (OPTIMUS)':


    Every letter is a variable and this is the simplified form.

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