You are completely wrong

  • It's evident you know nothing about Flash. If you are making something
    more complicated, it's always better to program everything with
    ActionScript. Animating all effects by-hand is path to hell.

  • Welcome to TDWTF

    Aaaand... welcome to TDWTF. You, on your first post, have been bitten by the WTFness of this forum software. There are whole threads dedicated to this. For some odd reason, the "post" button at the bottom of each page starts a whole new fsckin' thread. The Reply and Quote buttons are what you need, but make sure to push the right one. Once again, congratulations on your first post, and thank you to Telligent Systems, giving us better WTFs than the posts here for ages!

    P.S. There's no preview function, no way to edit and delete posts, and using anything but IE or Firefox is a sure way to have the forum software blow up in your face. If you need fancy stuff, use HTML view, but DO NOT switch back to WYSIWYG view after that.
    HTH, Fred Foobar

  • @Martin Helon said:

    It's evident you know nothing about Flash.

    Mmmmm... I think it's very evident what you know nothing about 😉

  • For example, this forum should be programmed in Flash/ActionScript to avoid misplaced posts 😉

  • No sir, I believe it is you who is completely wrong.

    Wait, will this be a reply or will it start a new thread? I wanted to start a new Side Bar thread. I've heard it's easy, but I can't seem to figure it out.

  • Irony strikes again! While lashing out, he commits a n00b error. LOLLERS

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