How to fetch one row from database

  • I found this lovely function in our code base. I just love how the while loop is beeing used. Maybe it's expecting a lot of rows, but the function's name and the binding of @ItemId somehow tells me that there should only be one result.

    The code has been anonymized a little.

    public function GetItemFromDb($ItemId)
        global $DbConn;
        $Conn = $DbConn->GetConnection();
        $Conn->Bind('@ItemId', $ItemId);
        $item = false;
        $SettingsSet = false;

        while ($Conn->Next())
            if (!$SettingsSet)
                $this->ItemId = $Conn->res['ItemId'];
                /* Removed some $this->{value} get some value */
                $SettingsSet = true;

            $item = new Item();
        return $item;

  • @Airhead said:

    Filed under: function, if, while

    I think you forgot "return".

  • It continues to bemuse me the length that which PHP coders will go to in order to cram any sort of database query into a while loop. It's like the Third Commandment of PHP is "Thou Shalt Use a While Loop to Query a Database" (and I shudder to think what the others might be).

    They'll avoid for loops, preferring instead to simulate them with a while loop and a counter variable. And, as here, they'll use a while loop even when they only expect, and want, at most one record.

     'Scuse me,I have to go wash my hands.

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