Security Taken Literally

  •  I know this was probably a result of a late afternoon of entering forms (though why we enter paper forms for an automated process?)... but still got me a laugh when instead of allowing my program to run from any directory, the security instead insisted:

     [GenMEMktProfile.exe] is running in [Prod] from [D:\ESI\GenMEMktProfile] and MasterApplication says it should run from [N/A] for [Prod].
    Resolution: Run your application from [N/A] or Contact the DB Team with the updated directory.


  • You mean your suppose to update the SECURITY on the PRODUCTION server when running something NEW?

     I smell a WTF, but I do not think it means what you think it means.

  •  The security was already entered for the new application. Our security can dictate that some EXEs have to be run from a certain location. This one can be run from multiple servers so per our standards given to us by the team that handles the security, for folder location we put "N/A". The application was moved to production, but when I went to run it, we get this error. So instead of turning off that security check... the person was not thinking and entered "N/A" for the folder location for this to run from. Get it?

  • The most secure computer is one that is switched off and unplugged.

    Obviously preventing any program fron running everywhere is a step towards this ultimate security.

  • Ah, I see... so the NSA should actually be FUNDING Taliban efforts to build an EMP-bomb, not THWARTING them...

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