Konqueror toolbar cusomisation

  • Customise my Konqueror toolbars to slim down the main toolbar and merge the location toolbar into it - sounds easy enough. Of course, it wasn't.

    • Opened the settings dialog, found out the required toolbar components from the Location toolbar, added them to the Main toolbar and hit Apply. It didn't show up (well, the Go button did, but nothing else). WTF?
    • Did some Googling - found out that if you have more than one Location bar component in your toolbars, only the first one is shown (been the case since at least mid-2004). WTF were they thinking? Delete it from the Location toolbar and everything works.
    • Notice the magic items with a warning that if you remove them, there's no way of re-adding them. >_<
    • Try slimming down the "Main" toolbar by deleting unneeded items. It's divided into two lists - the general Konqueror one and the HTML specific one. Unfortunately, if you have multiple tabs open, changes to the HTML-specific list are only applied to the current tab. Gah.
    • Possibly more - I'm not going to mess with it further, too risky...

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