• Hi.


    I have used regex twice before, I dont like it and to be honest dont fully understand it, but as this is only the third time in 5 years that I have needed it I dont plan on learning everything about it!

    Basically what I need to do is match any string EXCEPT default, this is for a URL rewriting module which is part of a site that I have inherited, I now need the default page to be excluded.

    the current rule is: P>


    which matches test.aspx|default.aspx|Somethingelse.aspx etc, I simply want this to continue, but without default.aspx being matched..

    Any help appreciated - even point me at a good site... as long as I dont have to spend ages learning regex, this will most likley be a one off...



  • Hmmmnn after a bit of fiddling I came up with this: ^(?!\bdefault\b[^/])([^.aspx]).$ Any thoughts? It seems to work, but thats more luck/brute force and ignorance than anything else... Thanks



    Spoke too soon courses.aspx gets matched as cour.aspx... wtf???

  • I'd say you need a negative lookbehind. Try this:


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