• Woudln't it be nice if we could also edit our own messages after we posted them?

    When will this forum software be really stable?

    Does the person writing this software need some help writing it? Could
    be interesting to check out the sourcecode and find all the WTF's in
    it. [6]

    And ever considered using Snitz from instead?
    It has no RSS feed but it should not be too difficult to write that
    yourself. It is fully written in ASP and quite solid. Not as
    cool-looking as this one but then again, all this cool-looking stuff is
    just making this forum unreliable...

  • There is a setting in the configuration to allow editing. I set it to 10 minutes, which is what I've seen other forums use. Does this not work?

    I'm going to look into Snitz. I could always throw on the FCKEditor if it doesn't support rich text. If it's ASP, chances are there isn't layer after layer of code to dig through ...


  • Sure, I could edit within 10 minutes, but what if I discover a typing
    error in minute 11? I would prefer it that I could always edit my
    message, until someone else replies to my message. Thus, if someone
    clicks on "Reply" or "Quote" and posts a message, my message would be
    blocked for further editing.

    Snitz is quite useful in my opinion. A bit limited, perhaps, but very
    stable. It is pure ASP, with no additional programming language.
    Basically, a bunch of .asp files, lots of .gif files, a readme.htm and
    3 .js files for some more specialized scripting. And a gpl.txt file
    telling you this software is GPL'ed and thus free of charge. It has a
    sample Access table with it, but it can be used with MS SQL Server too.
    Or MySQL.

    You'll miss th RSS functionality, though. But it should not be too difficult to write that yourself...

  • I agree with that. You wouldn't believe how complicated such a change would be to make, though.

    The snitz board linked to a bunch of other boards too, some ASP, some ASP.NET, some free, some not. So, now I have a place to start. I really didn't do any research -- I just went with this forums assuming it was ready for production use. It was running, so why not

    RSS shouldn't be hard to add (just a SQLXML statement transformed by XSL), but I also want email subscriptions and some admin functions (like, only certain users may post to a forum, but anyone can reply).

  • Speaking of editing... I'm not allowed to do it. It says in the
    lower-right of the board that "[I] CAN edit my posts", but yet, I see
    no link or button of anything kind remotely related to editing 
    posts. Sigh. The forum fits the sites idea; hands-down.

  • Wait a can edit posts? How?!?

  • @Katja said:

    When will this forum software be really stable?


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