Fonetic subtitles

  • Today I was listening to some fragments of "Mama appelsap", which is a dutch radio program which goes as follows: Listeners submit the dutch text they think they hear inside a foreign (mostly english songs).

    This leads to some insteresting results. For example did you know that in "Down under" from Men at work the first line really reads "Ik zat alleen in een vuile kameel" instead of "Travelling in a fried-out combie" (which is dutch for: "I sat alone in a dirty camel") and "Alane" from Wes contains "Luilak hang je jas op" (lazy bones hang up your coat) multiple times? Me neither. For the dutch: you can watch it here.

    Well, I was interested if things like that also existed for English, I did find two: some indian video  and Some song from the childeren program "Dwarf Plop" (Kabouter Plop) (warning, explicit) altough I don't know how good the latter is since I only hear the dutch.

    So does, anybody things like this? 🙂
    I also remember something about backmasking, which is also really a reccomendation (altough some are definitely weaker than others) but I would recommend "My name is", "Another One bites the dust" and "Fire on back"

  • There's a term for it: soramimi

    Not a soramimi, but more of a bunch of mondegreens (and IMHO very funny. Possibly NSFW):

  • I don't remember any fully "translated" songs, but Smokie's "What can I do?" sounds suspiciously like "водки найду" ("will find vodka").

  • @Spectre said:

    will find vodka

    We all should adopt this as our new personal maxime.

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