Post & Date WTF on TDWTF

  •  this guy sure has a lot of posts, Infinity to be exact, & seems to have joined TDWTF On the Unix Epoch. caught 5 mins ago.



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  • You know how he did that right?  Look for other posts by Quietust.

  • Not a WTF, but a clever signature.

    I fell for it the first time I saw it, to be honest.
    <vbox xmlns="">
    <spacer flex="1">
    <hbox flex="1">
    <spacer flex="1">
    <label flex="1" value="To bad the forum software doesn't accept embeded XUL">
    <spacer flex="1">
    <spacer flex="1">

  •  I believe I did the first fake post on here (after someone else had figured out that script tags worked), but quietust quite cleverly made a signature out of it.

     Though I see he didn't manage to fix the alignment issue. The contents of the left panel is still centered vertically instead of being top-aligned.

  •  I can't find it. I'm pretty sure it was in an article's comments, not in the forums, and it got wiped due to the people abusing script tags.

  • Grr, stupid edit timeout. And even better, the fact that I can't go back to rescue my post, because it just shows the "edit timeout" screen instead.

    Here is my original fake post.

    Then 10 months later, the technique was rediscovered and "Signature guy" was born.

  • [url=]This guy[/url] is real, however. Thirty three thousands of posts! If he didn't quit posting, he'd probably have over 90000 by now.

    He still lurks around, though.

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