2/3 of all violent crime in the US occurs in Lockport, NY

  • This kind of stuff usually isn't my thing, but a lot of people seem to like ERRORD here. 

    If you don't know, you can purchase cheap housing on eBay. In most cases, the listings are pretty unprofessional. In this case, this auction is centered around how the house is located in "the lowest crime rate city in New York", and they back that claim up with their own stats:

    Crime Rate

    Apparently "least" means "66-100% of". When you base a multi-thousand dollar sale on a fact presented in a listing, you don't check the listing and fact before posting?

    Listing is here.

  •  I would presume that the United States figure is the average per ZIP code or something, but who the hell knows?  This table would be roughly as useful if, instead of numbers, the table data consisted of the names of fruits.

  •  So, went to the site and clicked on those hyperlink looking things labeld "Property Crime" and "Violent Crime," and what do you think it gave me?   Yup, a picture of the house.  Naturally.

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