To runtime or not to runtime... Server or client - that's the question!

  • Just got a support mail from a colleague (it's all about the plans of rolling out a new/patched version of the Java Runtime Environment. We asked in advance what versions of the runtime are needed for the applications, if tests are requried, etc.):

    "Dear Colleagues,

    maybe you can help me.
    Which Runtime version is relevant for an ASP-Application that uses Java Script. The one from the Client that uses the Browser or the one on the Server that runs the Application?


    Gosh - better go home! But DON'T DO Web-Programming!



  •  So much confusion in one simple question.

  • Is this colleague named Dave by any chance?

  • @BlueKnot said:

    Is this colleague named Dave by any chance?


    No it's Bobby - as in Bobby Tables 

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