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  • I'm applying for an intern-like position, and the person I'm talking to wants to see a sample of some code I've written. I'm wondering, what would you include if you were asked to provide this. I was thinking a sufficiantly complex class from something I've worked on in the past (non-confidental, of course), but what are your ideas on what should be included? (The type of work is web-application oriented. PHP-based, but I doubt the language itself makes that much of a difference in what would be a good example of skill.)


    Thanks, everyone. Oh, and hello. I've read this site since it was still called "The Daily WTF" (the first time), I just never signed up for the forums before.

  •  They're probably just looking to see code that's well structured, and commented, with things like clear and logical variable/function/method names, etc. I'd not go for something overly simple, but I would suspect that they're trying to ensure you can write maintainable readable code.

     Good luck!

  • Typically they do just want to see that you're not SpectateSwamp and don't just write 1 freakin huge procedure with var names like a, aa, ab, bb etc.


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