E-tournament WTF

  • k.. first of all let me start by sying that this is more like a self discharge rather than something reaaly WTFish, but what the hell, it's bout time for some one to grant me a mug anyway.

    So let's get on to it, I live in a city wich has been growing bigger and bigger in the IT business lately, well in all the industries actually, but still most of the latest hardwares don't arrive at retailers here, and the ones that do are waay out of most people's price availability. So when I heard that there was going to be a 'major expo' with the latest games, consoles, graphics cards and other gaming -or "electronic entertainment"- stuff I jumped and started snuffing around for more info on that right a way. Then I got twice as excited when I found out taht there were going to be several tournaments along the expo, a Counter-Stike, a 1vs1 Warcraft3 and a friggin DOTA tournament!! -wich is like THE game atm over here-.

    So my mates and I signed up, paid the registration fee and showed up at the designated time at the expo. As we went in we ound several cool things, like some racing seats/steering wheels, some pretty cool multiple-screen/sticks for flying simulators, a couple of Wiis, some pretty cool sound systems, some girls dressed up as a rendered girl at the amd/ati stand, some boxes with some of the greatest oldies -both pc games and consoles, let's say, starcraft, theme hospital, a cz spectrum and the largest trackball I've ever seen-, a stand for a notebook compny that had lots of old motherboards lying around in plastic buckets as if they were trash, and a big ramp in wih a couple of skaters/bikers where performing some stunts (I still don't seehow that fitted, but whatever).

    And then on a side we saw it, the "arena" for the VGF -Video Game Festival-, a set of 40~ nicely equipped pcs and 2 huge proyector screens. but then we noticed something odd at ALL of the monitors: Norton Ghost was running. Yep, it was the second day of the expo and the comps still weren't ready. We had the 5pm-10pm time range set for our matches, but there was a 14-20 range too, so as we asked around those guys obviously culdn't play either. The man in charge claimed that he and some others had been working for 4 straight days trying to put the machines togheter and had actually stayed to sleep at the site a couple of times, but still, as it is now the 3rd day of the expo and the machines aren't ready yet. Everyone is hoping that they'll be ready by tomorrow, but how in hell are they thinking that the matches for 3 days will be played in one afternoon beats me.

  • yuo forgot to add post w/o text so e can maek our own! 

  • Holy shit, a post on Saturday.

  • Man, those girls arent hot. No no. 

  •  Well you won't be needing that Sobe Mask.

  •  @oipoistar said:

    Man, those girls arent hot. No no. 

    If checkForInvisibleSarcasmTag()==1 Then "aha"
    else  "you sure weren't standing there, trust me, the picture does not make justice of reality"


    @lolwtf said:

    Holy shit, a post on Saturday.

    Yup, I guess most ppl only visit TDWTF on workdays? 


    @fourchan said:

    yuo forgot to add post w/o text so e can maek our own! 


    I don't understand?


    @tOmcOlins said:

     Well you won't be needing that Sobe Mask.


    Actually, I kinda need it for hiding my shame now.

    PS: I'ts "Sobi Mask" 😛

    PS2: damn, I would like to see a multiple quote feature on the forums..


  • @ZippoLag said:

    PS: I'ts "Sobi Mask" 😛
    And I always just thought he was in love with Gene Simmons.

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