Unconscious coding

  • If you produce garbled junk like this:

    <td class="itemtitle">
        <% if( itemURL) { //can't link to pod items%>
        <a href="<%= itemURL %>">
        <% } %>
            <%= cart[i].name %>
        <% if( itemURL) { %>
        <% } %>
    <%= cart[i].amount %>
    <td><%= cart[i].price %></td>
        intTotal += cart[i].price
    <% } %>

    is that not symptomatic of not really knowing what you're doing -- in other words, truly not knowing that you're actually in the real world engaging in an actual activity with real repercussions? An example of being completely oblivious to the movements of your hands and the thoughts in your head? A wholly mindless and robotic state of existence, akin to most insectoid lifeforms?

    Would you not consider yourself merciful to end the life of such a person facsimile for the world can only be a confusing and senselessly overpowering environment to it?

  • Duuuuuuude. Lay off the drugs for a few days.

  • Is this new enough for "why aren't you using .NET objects?" to be the WTF, or is the WTF simply "why are you constantly intermingling code and static markup?".


    At least it doesn't appear to be logically incorrect, though by implication there was something like

        <tbody> <% for(i=0;i<sizeof(cart);++i) { %> <tr>

    that you omitted at the beginning.

  • Do you have the same thoughts about "unconscious walking"? 

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