Non-ironic use of "enterprisey"

  • Long-time lurker, first time poster! 

    I had come out of lurk mode to post this: I actually saw an article using "enterprisey" in a non-ironic way...

    [Amazon Web Services] has become more enterprisey and even has service level agreements.

     All of the author's other points are highlighting the strength of Amazon Web Services, so I can only assume that he meant "enterprisey" to be a compliment as well. Let's hope that this isn't the start of a trend.

  • The future looks 100% sunny with 100% cloud cover.

    Excuse me for a minute I ate too many buzzwords I need to regurgitate. 

  • Even aside from the use of "enterprisey", that was some of the worst writing I've ever seen.

    "worries about profit margins are worrisome"

     Really, how fucking retarded do you need to be before you start writing that way?

  •  @drinkingbird said:

    "worries about profit margins are worrisome"

    That, I believe, is the result of someone listening to too many marketing people / PHBs / sales drones / etc. It turns your brains to so much grey goop.

  • Someone needs to send him a link to the wikipedia page for enterprise software... 

  • @ActionMan said:

    Someone needs to send him a link to the wikipedia page for enterprise software...

    No need. Enterprise software is just software which uses XML in every single conceivable place, right? 

  • Why are you guys being so hard on this? Obviously you need to think outside the goal-oriented box in a market-sensitive way, and re-synergise your structured vis-a-vis developments in order to facilitate strategically integrating a flexible customer-focused win-win initiative scenario.

    Then you might understand. 

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