Rock On! For everlasting peace...

  • So I was writing some code related to "mandatory" data, and I had chosen the suffix "Man" to represent variables containing statistics for "mandatory" data. So I ended up with fun variable names like "conMan" (confident mandatory) and "legMan" (legible mandatory)... well, at the same time I was listening to some music from Megaman X... I think you can see where this is going 😉

    // cutMan.Vulnerability = gutsMan.Weapon;
    // gutsMan.Vulnerability = bombMan.Weapon;
    // bombMan.Vulnerability = fireMan.Weapon;
    // fireMan.Vulnerability = iceMan.Weapon;
    // iceMan.Vulnerability = elecMan.Weapon;
    // elecMan.Vulnerability = cutMan.Weapon;
    // // TODO - implement fighting methods
    // megaMan.Weapons = new Weapon[]{megaBuster, gutsMan.Weapon, bombMan.Weapon, fireMan.Weapon, iceMan.Weapon, elecMan.Weapon, cutMan.Weapon};
    // megaMan.Vulnerability = spikes;
    // drWily.Weapon = spikes;
    // drWily.Attack(megaMan);
    // megaMan.Dispose();

    I was SO tempted to check in that code 😉

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