Ancient spirits of evil (anyone else enjoy the nostalgy too?)

  • A couple of days ago my godmother gave me a really cool gift, another computer for my collection. One from a model which was made here back in 1984, a clone of the Tandy TRS-80 Color (I dare you to say Tandy TRS-80 Color out loud ten times pretty fast!).

    I instantly fell in love for it and started making plans. Using k7 tapes for storage, getting it into a network with other computers of the same model a few friends of mine have, reliving the experience of playing the videogames from back then, etc.

    But then, right as I went testing it on my TV, I turned it on with the voltage switch in the wrong position. Worse, my outlet gives 220, I set my poor rig for 110...

    A teacher of mine which is sometimes like an older brother to me has promised to fix it. Meanwhile, I keep having ideas on how to play with this machine. Writing programs in the oldest forms of BASIC, outputing these programs through the sound board and then taping them, then using the tapes in the old machine, for example. I'm open for more ideas.

    Now, one thing I need for this machine is a name. Someone suggested Mumm-Ra, so I can say his catch-phrase ("Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living") out loud whenever I turn the machine on. It's also from a time close to the one when the machine was built, so it seems proper.

  • What's "nostalgy"? Is that like "enterprisey"?


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