I Love My Classmates... Not

  • I got into college when I was 21, and it's been almost three years. I've been programming ever since I was 16, though. Therefore, I am a bit more experience than most of my colleagues (though, there are some of the younger ones who are WAY better than me). That said, it's not surprising that sometimes people will come to me asking for help with some minor thing, like how to code for some homework and stuff like that.

    Once one of my classmates came to me and asked if I was "good at hacking". I immediatelly gave him a sermon on ethics and morals but then he insisted on the topic and told me he wanted to crack an account in a game (Gunbound). More sermon from me. Not only that was immoral, it went downright pointless. Hacking/cracking for sophisticated crimes I can understand (but not condone), but doing so to get advantage over competitors in an online game, a benefit that he couldn't turn into material value?

    He insisted again. Getting more specific, he wanted me to steal a password from an account so he could log into it. I was already annoyed, and he would probably get lectured on keyloggers and other malware from someone else later on anyway. At this point I was already ignoring him, but then he said the account was his own. WTF.

    As it turns out, he'd forgotten his own password, and now he needed someone to hack into the account to retrieve it.

    I introduced the poor guy to a most widespread feature that goes by a link titled "I Forgot My Password" - you know, most sites nowadays have one of those. Pretty clever invention and all, I told him.

    Now, if only he hadn't also lost the password to his hotmail account...

  • Yeah, i have that all the time. I seem to have lost some passwords of my bank accounts. Can you help me out?


    But seriously, really who cares. If he wants to learn how to hack, there are lots of great site about it. he should have just googled. 

  • Yeah, but he is too lazy for that, that's why he wanted someone else to do it for him.

  • I've forgotten the passwords of YOUR bank accounts.  Can you help me out?  Please?

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