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  • Hello all,

    I sometimes read this forum. I have an opinion-based question which you all seem to like to get sorted (amongst your various other favoured pastimes). After reading articles like the one from the link below, I see a lot of calls in the comments to start using a vpn full time. That's fine I suppose, but the question is, which one? All of the research I have tried to do on the subject mostly comes up with the vpns or their proxies doing adver-market-"journalism". Most of the best-of lists are doing things which immediately strike me as suspicious, such as offering deals to sign up with the vpn that they just so happen to be recommending as their #1 pick.
    The names that keep showing up in the lists and articles I have read are: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, VyprVPN and IPVanish. I am leaning towards Nord, but I just don't know if I can trust my research or not.

    Does anyone have any experience with those VPNs, or better ones? I am not looking to do anything illegal, so I don't particularly care if they log or not (unless, of course, they decide to start selling to advertisers too). But it creeps me out that ISPs are pushing to be able to sell my internet traffic logs to advertisers (not that I would ever see it anyway, as I use ublock, ghostery, noscript, and privacybadger, it's the principle of the thing. And no, I am not inclined to get into a debate with anyone about the "ethics" of using an ad-blocker. My browser on my computer, than I own and paid for = my rules. You are welcome to send the content, I am disinclined to display it on my end).

    I am happy to pay for a quality VPN, up to €115/$120 per year. If I am paying though, I want unlimited speed, no throttling, and end-to-end security (transport and message layer along with OpenVPN standards for the tunneling). I am looking for tried-and-true, not startups, and nothing run from someone's garage. Safety in numbers and all that, right?


  • SockDev

    @Akane said in Which vpn?:

    This VPN:

    works as full PC VPN, or browser VPN

    try the free tier to see if it will work for you which is 500MB of unthrottled data (then you get kicked off until you upgrade to one of the paid plans if you liked it)

    the paid tiers are all unlimited data with no throttling, the difference is whether you pay by the month or by the year.

    and if you're concerned about privacy, have a look at their

    where they list out all the data they do and do not collect and why they collect the data they do collect, and how they make sure the data they do collect is safe and anonymous.

    it's a good reas with really very little lawyer talk.

  • @accalia Wow, TunnelBear didn't come up in my research at all! Thanks, I will go look at it now 🙂

  • SockDev

    @Akane said in Which vpn?:

    @accalia Wow, TunnelBear didn't come up in my research at all! Thanks, I will go look at it now 🙂

    give them a try, i'm sure you'll like them. I do.

    it's also worth a shot at putting "LinusTechTips" into the discount code box thingie if you decide to purchase, they sponsor that yt channel regularly and if they have an active sponsorship when you purchase that will be good for 10% off.

    because saving monies is good.

  • @accalia excellent, thank you. I am reading their stuff now, and I will test them out shortly 🙂

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