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  • I got this in a mail from a quite incompetent client I am currently building a site in an advanced yet easy-to-use CMS for.

    <FONT face="Courier New" size=2>Would it be possible for XXX to make pdf files about the whole site?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p></FONT>

    <FONT face="Courier New" size=2>Then it would be easy to make the changes (like we do changes for artworks).<o:p></o:p></FONT>

    <FONT face="Courier New" size=2>I do not know how to make changes to internet site directly. <o:p></o:p></FONT>

  • The only backoffice you need is a form to upload pictures.

    Your client will then be able to send in all the content he wants, process is easy : just write it down and take a picture. Don't forget  the obligatory wooden table.

  • I think the client is trying to tell you that they don't know HTML and would like to just upload PDFs instead. Which is not a silly request - though I'd ask if they could use something a little bit more easier for the CMS to parse and something that translates a bit more directly to HTML... something like OpenDocument. PDF to HTML conversion is not exactly exact.

  • @mannu said:

    <font face="Courier New" size="2"><o:p></o:p></font>

    <font face="Courier New" size="2">I do not know how to make changes to internet site directly. <o:p></o:p></font>

    Well, at least you can be glad that this is the case, as it would probably be much worse if they did know and #^(%ed it up. One CMS I made had to include an HTML editor in it, as there was paragraph formatting, lists, etc. You can disable certain features in the editor, but not keep people from pasting from Word. We ended up with h1's, bolds, and the most obnoxious formatting I've ever seen.

  • advanced yet easy-to-use CMS

    Is it [url=http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/]CMS Made Simple[/url]?

  • Nay, EPiServer.

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