Polish BOFH hosting service

  • I wonder whether this is intentional, or they just didn't know Bastard Operator From Hell? 😃

    PS On the gray background there is the most brillant advertising slogan I found: "We don't want to sell you a ready-to-use product."

    PS2 of course the company does web hosting.

  • FYI, poltran.com translates "Biuro Obsługi Firm Handlowych" as "<font class="translate">Office of attendance of (service activity of) business firm", and the "we don't want to sell you a ready-to-use product" as follows:


    "<font class="translate">We are other firm than all. We do not want to sell it ready product. We
    want to find fairest solution, whatever you would like to make. If does
    not have he (it) in our offer we will make it (them) for you specially
    -. Our progress is related with our development of (evolution of)
    client so, you have guarantees -, that you have chosen proper
    (suitable) people. We invite!"</font>


  • I failed to notice that it's an abbreviation of Biuro Obsługi Firm Handlowych (really brillant name if you ask me - Trading Companies Service Bureau). I think they should put it somewhere on the front page.

    PS For great justice.

  • I can read Polish.. basically they just say that they sell custom-tailored solutions instead of a pre-packaged product. They're a business specializing in consultancy for e-commerce ("trading company" in this case is just any company that does sales..)

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