Anyone ever used Wuaki?

  • SockDev

    My new TV has a remote with a Netflix button (yay!), a YouTube button (meh), and a button labelled with something called Wuaki. Has anyone ever used it? Is it any good? Should I order Turkish take-away tonight?

  • @RaceProUK It's a Netflix competitor, born in Spain, bought by Japanese company Rakuten which claims to be "the world’s third largest e-commerce company" but is actually the fourth one if you include eBay.

    They have a subscription but it's limited to some content, the rest is pay-per-view. They won't let me see their UK page so I can't say anything else. But I'd bet $50 that Netflix is better in every way.

    By the way, fuck them for that. What part of World Wide Web don't they get?

  • My TV has Wuaki (although not a Wuaki button). It even came with a trial which I haven't used.
    It didn't offer me anything which wasn't already covered by Plex or Netflix.

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