Moving posts? A chore.

  • area_deu

    There's two ways to move posts out of a thread in NodeBB:
    Forking and Moving.


    Forking lets you select posts from a thread, creates a new one, and moves the posts there.
    You can access this functionality from the topic tools menu at the bottom of the topic.
    (side note: Move Topic has nothing to do with moving posts)
    Choosing Fork Topic opens this dialog:
    You enter a title for the new topic, select posts from the existing one and hit OK.
    You can not move posts to an existing topic from here.


    Moving lets you move a single post from a thread to a different, existing thread.
    You can access this functionality from the ellipsis menu:
    This opens the following dialog:
    Unlike Discourse, you can not search for topics by name here! You have to manually look up the ID in another tab.


    Splitting posts off a topic into a new one works okay. But it doesn't have a numeric input or a select+replies feature which would be useful to move major derailments.

    Moving posts into an existing topic is such a chore that it is probably never worth the effort. You have to move every post individually and look up an ID manually.

  • area_deu

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