My first experience with NodeBB

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    So, I was pretty excited when I opened my forum tab and saw that the migration had happened.

    I couldn't log in, so I requested a reset email which promptly arrived.

    I clicked the link, and typed my new password, and got a swirly of death. Waited for a good 5 minutes and then tried again. Got the swirly of death again and another 5 minute wait.

    Tried again, and got "reset link invalid" or words to that effect.

    I gave up thinking that maybe it doesn't work on mobile...

    Anyway, an hour or so later, I tried again. After a couple of attempts I finally got in. Yay ish.

    Let's have a look around then... Wow, what's with all of the pop-up notifications? And why is it Jellypotato-ing every time I get a notification? I suppose I'd better tap one of these notifications and go to the chat and see what's going on...

    OK, I saw some messages, and then the screen went blank.


    All I can see is the chat title. undefined Let's try again. Same result. OK, this is clearly a bug. I finally get into the chat by going to the "chats" page and select the chat from there. It seems the notification links are useless.

    I go to browse the forum, and decide to upvote a post, and nothing. Hmmm the upvote hitbox is very small, did I miss it? I can't make it work.



    OK, it finally worked. Let's do some more browsing...




    Well shit...


  • Blame @Matches for that one I think. He apologises here

  • Guilty =x

  • @DoctorJones said:


    502 means the forum crashed

    @DoctorJones said:

    Well shit...

    503 means the forum is throttling connections because of the (configurable) max requests per time period

    504 is the equivalent of any Discourse 5XX OK error.

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