Looking to relocate to Portland, Maine

  • Is there anyone here from the area? What are the best job boards to troll? Any recommended recruiters?

    I'm wide open to salary, etc.

  • Well, the search continues but it's not that hopeful... I have some medical stuff going on so I think it's in my best interest to wait 6 months before really pursuing anything in earnest. However, I do know that, if anyone is interested in relocating, the job market in Minneapolis is red-hot right now. There are far too many companies willing to pay far too much for anyone that can type.

    One interesting twist on the Portland search.... I get a call on Thursday from a British guy in California looking for resources for an Indian company in Maine. He asks me the most inane questions to "make sure I know more than just web development"... basically, he just wanted to see if, when he asked me about different methodologies and frameworks, if I would mention anything that didn't sound like just ASP.NET. He calls back Friday and wants to know if I'd be willing to do a phone interview that night with the Indian company... um, no, that's really rushing it. Ok, he said, how about Saturday morning (apparently waiting until Monday would send the message that I wasn't "hungry" enough for the job). Oh, and he's convinced they can get me $115k for this tech arch position. Frankly, that's way too much money for the Portland area... hell, that's too much money for most anywhere.

    So, I do manage to get the name of the Indian company. It turns out, the Indian company's US headquaters is in the midwest... they don't even have an office anywhere near Maine. Oh, and their client list includes one company in Portland... that I happen to know is hiring .net tech arcs right now.

    I ended up declining the interview... I'm not really keen on relocating for a consulting company that, my gut tells me, is going to lay me off as soon as the contract is up with their one client in town. So, the moral of the story is, I'll never know if one of their interview questions would have been "who is your favorite person in history?"

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