Extension woes (Chrome store)


    So, I got this today:

    Dear Developer,

    Your Google Chrome item, "Servercooties," with ID: pllnneldhbhngnfgagcbmnpaeaddkhlg did not comply with the following section of our Program policies:

    "Where possible, make as much of your code visible in the package as you can. If some of your app's logic is hidden and it appears to be suspicious, we may remove it."

    What the... Can someone please find any damned hidden logic in here?

    Or is the socket.io.js file too big for them to check so they CBA? The Opera guys asked me where to download the original, at least. Which I got from socket.io serving it itself on https://servercooties.com/socket.io/socket.io.js. I initially just loaded it from there, but it hated my manifest.json having servercooties.com marked as a secure resource.

    Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong and how to make them happy?

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    Maybe the package wasn't ZipAligned correct-like? Kinda odd...


    Well... Opera guys were actually nice enough to talk to me. Seems like including socket.io.js is the contentious part. I'll rewrite it to just use polling if I can't figure out how to create a "vanilla" WebSocket connection to socket.io; it's weird, it has some custom handshake protocol that's not really documented.

    Interestingly enough, the Opera guy would let me through if I grabbed that file directly from socket.io GitHub (I pulled the version that gets served by Node automatically), but, more importantly, he helped me pinpoint the issue.

    Lesson: always publish your Chrome extensions for Opera, too. If there's a problem there's a better chance to figure out why from the Opera team than from Google.

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