I want chrome windows side by side

  • I want to be able to open chrome tabs side by side like i can in visual studio. Ideally when I make these side by side tabs they move lock step (so the main window is a container that I can drag around)

    Does this exist?

    Source youtube video showing what I am trying to accomplish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn97WbalJwM

    My main concern with this video though, is it kind of looks like the new window feature rather than side by side tabs like visual studio does.

    Anyone know if this can be done?


    Don't know about Chrome, but Vivaldi has this.

    Note: I gave it a go, several times. Would not use it as a main browser, it's just too resource hungry and get sluggish with many tabs open. But if you need that specific functionality for a certain task and don't mind running it alongside Chrome (which you use for everything else), it should be fine.

  • Nope. 😃


    Well... I think you might be SOL then... Quite accidentally I did look for this for Opera just today and only found the same kind of thing you linked to. Didn't dig too deep though, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's pretty much the same problem.

    Wonder if you could even do it with an extension... I guess the main problem would be hijacking the address bar to work with two independent frames. And there's no way to modify the UI using an extension past adding an icon to the extension bar...

  • Would you be open to having an external program act as a window manager to synchronize the size/position of the windows? (Not that I know of any or care to write one myself)

  • I'd be totally cool if it's actually like chrome+ where it just allows you to launch multiple chrome instances in a container. I just didn't even realize it was a feature I wanted, then put 2 and 2 together, and I have realized six times in three days how much better my life would be with this feature added.


    Open in new window and then use your WMs tiling options? I'm guessing Windows, so it can do halves, at least? Don't remember if it can do quarters.

    As for emulating tiling window manager features on Windows, no idea unfortunately.

  • tilting options?


    On Vista and 7, while dragging the window touch a screen edge with your cursor? It will automatically size the window to take a half of the screen, depending on which edge you touch. Not sure if it's still there in 8 and 10, should be. Don't tell me you didn't know that?

  • That doesn't make them lock together, it just makes them the same size.

    Locking together is the feature i'm looking for.


    Ah, I misunderstood. You want it to act kinda like an MDI control then?

    No clue, sorry.

  • Almost, but there is no outer container to hold the new Windows so they move independently

  • @Onyx said:

    Open in new window and then use your WMs tiling options? I'm guessing Windows, so it can do halves, at least? Don't remember if it can do quarters.

    Win10 can do quarters.

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