Steam Network WTF

  • Some of you may know that Steam Network is down. But not at all.

    Dunno why they put those messages, but they are extremely fun. Examples:

    Me no internet, only janitor, me just wax floors.
    Your computer hasn't been returning all the bits it gets from the Internet.
    Software uses US measurements, but the OS is in metric...
    Yeah, yo mama dresses you funny and you need a mouse to delete files.
    Do not forget to refresh the page 😃 


  • Awesome.. Just wrote a little script to print out the contents:

    import urllib
    import sys

    num = sys.argv[1]
    url = ""
    for i in range(int(num)):
        result = urllib.urlopen(url).readlines()


    [matt@localhost ~]$ python 5
    PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)

    Incorrect time synchronization

    Your modem doesn't speak English.

    Windows 95 undocumented "feature"

    SCSI's too wide.

  • This is the contents of the classic "BOFH excuses" fortune file. You can find copies all over the internet; Wikiquote has a list of the originals.

  • Well, it explains all.

  • Hmmm, looks like that site is actually not owned by Steam.  The owner added this note at the bottom now:

    So I guess this has been dugg. I actually replaced a Joomla! site that was on this domain
    because too many fucking morons, like the folks that 'reported' this originally, decided
    it'd be fun to sign up. is where you find valve software.
    is mine. I originally was going to start a gameserver company with the domain, but really
    don't care all that much anymore. So, piss off, kthx.

    Perhaps the site was designed as part of a phising scam?

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